Singer/songwriter Keelan Donovan was raised in Portland, Maine. He's now living and writing and performing music in Nashville, Tennessee, which seems pretty fitting since a song he wrote will be featured on ABC's smash television show, "Nashville" this week.

YouTube via ABC Television Network
YouTube via ABC Television Network

The song, called 'Tonight Feels Different', will be performed by the character Markus, played by Riley Smith. Keelan says he and his co-writer Daniel Tashian wrote the song based on life experiences.

I wrote it with my friend Daniel Tashian, and at least for me it was influenced by my girlfriend and the fact that relationships are really, really difficult. They take a lot of work, but in my situation 'tonight feels different,' in that it all seems so effortless.

The show follows Nashville musicians as they strive to make their mark in the music industry. The show's website says, "In Nashville, musicians and songwriters are at the heart of the storms driven by their own ambitions. Some are fueled by their creativity and passion for fame, others struggle to cope with the pressures of success and doing everything in their power to stay on top."

Keelan says the show has given many local artists an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

[The show] has been a great outlet for songwriters such as myself, where they use local Nashville songwriters to write the music for the characters on the show. I'm very excited to have this opportunity as I’m just beginning to live my dream.

The episode featuring Keelan Donovan's song 'Tonight Feels Different' airs Wednesday, December 9 at 10/9c on ABC.

You may have stumbled upon Keelan's performances on YouTube, as he was featured in a viral cover video of Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness' with fellow singer/songwriter Megan Davies. The video reached over 4.6 million views. You can find more videos, music, and news from Keelan Donovan on Spotify, iTunesYouTube, and

If you'd like to see Keelan Donovan live in concert, he'll return to Portland for a special Home for the Holidays show with his full Nashville-based band the night after Christmas, December 26, for a show at Portland House of Music and Events. 

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