Keelan Donovan is from Maine but he's crushing the music scene in Nashville and beyond. His songs are on radio stations across the country, he's been touring from state to state performing his original music, and songs he's written have been performed by artists on popular TV shows.

You may know Keelan Donovan from his most celebrated work yet, the Springer's Jewelers jingle. Kidding... But seriously! Keelan is responsible for the "Give love, get more at Springer's" theme song you hear at the end of their radio commercials.


Keelan will return to Portland for his 6th Annual Home for the Holidays show at Portland House of Music. The event has grown since it's first year and now the larger venue can accommodate more than just Keelan's mom, dad, and die-hard supportive pals.

Keelan puts on a stellar show with plenty of original music plus covers and a healthy sprinkling of dad jokes.

Get your tickets to see Keelan Donovan's Home for the Holidays show at Portland House of Music. Better to catch Keelan now before he becomes a dominating force in the music industry and completely forgets about all us Mainers at home.

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