The All Roads Music Festival is coming up next month in Belfast, and they just announced an amazing list of featured artists for 2017!

Scheduled for Saturday, May 20, this year's All Roads Music Festival is set to show off great musical from across Maine, including mainstays like Spose and the Mallet Brothers' Band.

Some of the artists scheduled to preform include:

Spencer Albee
Wyld Life
When Particles Collide
The Ballroom Thieves
Kenya Hall
Hannah Daman & The Martelle Sisters
Shane Reis
Tall Horse
Bad Island
Midwest Medicine
Joel Thetford
Jeff Beam
Thorn & Shout
Forget, Forget
The Restless Atlantic
Sea Level
The Very Reverend
The Worst
The Blake Rosso Band
Yes We Kin
Cape Cannons

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