The Maine Italian Sandwich

As a lifelong Mainer, there were nights, especially in the summer where it was just too hot to cook. So, my grandmother would get all the fixin's for Italians. I was also a terribly picky eater growing up so I just had a bologna and cheese, but I thought having Italian sandwiches for dinner was something common that everyone did. I didn't know it was a Maine thing.


Speaking of growing up, I thought everyone knew about Amato's. As a kid, I thought they were just as common as Subway. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Giovanni Amato got his start in Portland, Maine.

According to the Amatos website, Giovanni Amato invented the Italian Sandwich himself back in 1900 using freshly baked rolls adding in various meats, cheeses, and vegetables and selling them on the fishing docks in Portland.

To this day Amatos sells "The Original Real Italian" that comes with onions, pickles, tomatoes, green peppers, and olives.

Now Italian sandwiches can be found in many sandwich shops, community variety stores, and beyond. But not all Italians are created equal.

Sh*tty Maine Italian Subs

Back in 2019, an Instagram page was born @shitty_maine_italian_subs which shames various Italian sandwiches across the state.

The sandwiches are shamed due to the unnecessarily large toppings, non-Italian ingredients, too much oil, and more.

Recently the page posted a screenshot from the adult website Porn Hub. The site does allow users to comment on videos like one can do on YouTube and one particular comment comes out of left field considering the content. It's also worth noting that the origins of this screenshot are unknown and could just be a funny meme. Either way, we're laughing.

Sounds like a guy that could use a sandwich.

So when it comes to Maine Italian sandwiches, do you love them, hate them? Are there only a few place that do them right? Let us know what you think and message us through the app!

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