Some will be converted into the craft store Michaels, but the rest of the A.C. Moore stores are going away.

WMTW reports that A.C. Moore, owned by the New Jersey-based company Nicole Crafts, is closing over 140 A.C. Moore stores across the country, including the three here in Maine.

Those three are South Portland, Augusta, Bangor.

They have been around for over 30 years, and they say that the locations that will close and the time frame will be announced on their website in the coming weeks.

They are also stopping any further online orders immediately, according to WMTW. Don't worry if you have already ordered something, that will be shipped.

Part of the deal includes 40 locations that will reopen as Michaels. We don't know if any of the Maine locations will convert to Michaels.

The CEO of A.C. More said it was not an easy decision, according to WMTW, but they are excited to have some of the stores reopen as Michaels. They will be able to keep the employees at the store.

There is not time frame for the closings.

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