Saturday April 20th starts National Park Week, and to kick if off, you can go free!

Before the thousands, I mean, millions of people pour into Acadia National Park - head up there this Saturday for free! April 20th kicks off National Park Week that runs through April 28th (okay...a long week).

To celebrate, every national park across the country is free to go (for those that charge a fee). You will still have to pay for things like campground fees or renting a bike - but getting in is free.
You might be wondering, why aren't parks always free? A lot of them are, but for what you pay and for what you get - it's a deal! It can't be cheap to care for, and restore the parks. Nature and visitors take their toll. Acadia sees 2 MILLION visitors every year!!  I know if I have company over, the house is trashed after.


If you have the time and no money - get out and see this gorgeous park! (don't forget your popover at the Jordan Pond House!)

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