A study of the City of Portland's sidewalks revealed that 90% of them do not comply with the American's With Disabilities Act.

The law passed in 1990, prohibits discrimination based on disability which extends to public spaces like sidewalks.

According to WTMW 8, it would cost $123 million to repair all of Portland's sidewalks to bring them into ADA compliance.

I've walked many of the sidewalks in Portland and some are in rough shape and a hazard even for those without a disability. Frost heaves will lift brick sidewalks over the winter making them look like rolling hills that if you aren't paying attention you can lose your footing on.

Yet at the same time, Portland's sidewalks and cobblestone streets are what give it it's charm and make it stand out from so many other cities in the country.

$1.5 million has been set aside to get the sidewalks that are the worst up to ADA standards, but it will take time and a lot of money to get them all there.

Hopefully the powers that be can come up with a plan that brings Portland's sidewalks into ADA compliance while still retaining the charm and character that makes it unique.

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