I love my niece. I don't see her often as she lives in California with my sister. But she is graduating this month, and I sent her a gift I thought was a good one - but I'm afraid it may be a lousy one!

The last time I saw my niece was a few years ago. She is a great, award winning student and I would love to go to her graduation - but I can't make it out to California for the ceremony.

So I shipped what I thought any new high school graduate would love...cash!


I gave her a hundred dollars. I thought that was a good amount, but I have read and friends have said that it's not nearly enough. Apparently it should have been 3-500 dollars!

Let me make it perfectly clear that my niece Abby was grateful and thrilled, so this is NOT coming from her! But I started feeling like a cheapskate!

Am I? Was I way off the mark on this one? Am I a lousy aunt?

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