Stop right here because THIS will be the best thing you have seen all day!

We always root for the underdog and this is a tale about one beating the odds. Three lambs were born a few weeks ago on Toddy Pond Farm in Monroe, Maine. Two of the baby lambs were born just fine, but one wasn't. The owners noticed that Nuggets mother would not nurse him or take care of him. So, they became the lambs parents. According to WMTW Channel 8, owner Greg Purinton-Brown took the baby lamb into his car and gave him his precious name. He bottle feeds Nugget and brought him into his home to stay warm. Soon Nugget was thriving and now at 2 weeks old he is getting some national attention. He sports the cutest little sweater and frequents the farmers market with Greg. Greg says that Nugget is a sweet little lamb that locals have been taken by him and his cuteness.

You can go visit Nugget and the farm in May on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


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