Dear driver who was right on my bumper on the Maine Turnpike this weekend:

I was on my way back from your lovely state of Massachusetts after having spent the day there. How do I know you're from Massachusetts? It certainly wasn't from being able to see your license plate in the rearview mirror. All I saw were your headlights, as I can only assume I wasn't going fast enough for you.

I was traveling in the right lane in the area in South Portland where the Turnpike is in the process of being widened to three lanes, a little bit south of where this photo was taken by the Maine Turnpike.

You were on the onramp and came up fast. If possible, I move over for cars that are entering the highway as a courtesy, even though there's no law requiring me to do so. It wasn't possible for me to move over as there was traffic in the lane to my left, but that didn't stop you from coming right up on my bumper, apparently sending me a message, even though it was your job to yield to those already on the highway. You may have noticed that yield sign on the onramp.

I'm also guessing my speed of 50 mph, which is the speed limit in this construction zone, didn't sit well with you either since you zoomed past me and cut in front of me closely at your first opportunity. Again, I assume you were trying to send me a message.

Now I could see where you were from because your back license plate was clearly visible. They have a name for people like you from Massachusetts. I'm sure you've heard it.

I'm sorry I wasn't going fast enough for you, or a lot of other people on this stretch of highway for that matter, but there were construction workers in that area, one of the reasons the speed limit is lowered to 50 mph. This post from the Maine Turnpike on Twitter pretty much says it all.

I hope you got to where you were going safely, but next time, consider others around you and their safety. It's not all about you getting there as fast as you can. Driving safely is the courteous thing to do.

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