The Q Morning Show Visits Funtown

Weeks ago on The Q Morning Show, Lori revealed something truly astonishing and utterly offensive.

Despite decades of living in Maine and at least a dozen trips to Funtown over that time, she had never ridden the iconic Astrosphere.

The Astrosphere

The Astrosphere has been a Funtown staple for decades and while it's gone through a handful of changes the basics remain the same. It's a standard Scrambler ride to the tune of ELO's Fire on High.

(Remember the old spooky images that used to be displayed on the walls of the old inflatable dome? Keep scrolling for a walk..or ride...down memory lane!)

Lori's excuse? She was afraid of the unknown! Friday it was time to face her fears.

VIP Treatment

When we arrived at Funtown we got the full VIP experience. First meeting some of the crew, including the wonderful Violet Cormier, one of the owners of the park, we got to see Splashtown while it was closed, were the first to ride the go-karts, and then the big moment.

Lori vs. The Astrosphere

So? Did she survive? Check out the video below!

Bonus Shenanigans

The Astrosphere didn't take her out but the Excalibur...well, that's a different story.

attachment-Image (16)

Also, shout out to these hardworking Funtown employees who are big fans of the show!

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What's your favorite Funtown ride? Let us know through the app!

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