If you spend enough time in Portland, you'll hear a few stories that seem too good to be true. One of the stories that has been circulating for years was about an underground tunnel system below some of Portland's busiest streets. Those tunnels led to stores but also to some underground facilities, including a bowling alley.

After some significant sleuthing, one of the rumored underground bowling alleys proved to exist. It's been hiding underneath the parking lot behind Empire. Photos shared on Reddit by HorrendousHobo2GF proved it was more than just an urban legend.

As it turns out, those photos may be the last documentation of the underground bowling alley because it's currently being demolished.

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Shared on Reddit by Jestire, the underground Bowl-O-Rama has to be demolished because it's causing structural issues with the parking lot above it.

There's been significant sag in the pavement over the years and after a variety of sinkholes have opened up in other parking lots across Maine, the owner of this lot would prefer to get ahead of a potential issue before the remnants of an old bowling alley claims a new soul.

Reddit via HorredousHobo2GF
Reddit via HorredousHobo2GF

The work of removing the items and then filling in the old bowling alley is ongoing. For those in Portland that held onto the pipe dream that some wealthy investor would buy and reopen a sleek, underground hotspot, it's time to put those fantasies to bed.

Unless of course, another one of the rumored underground bowling alleys in Portland exists and is in good shape. Game on.

Reddit via HorredousHobo2GF
Reddit via HorredousHobo2GF

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