It sounds like a horror movie. Angry green crabs taking over the coast of Maine. It's real and this things are aggressive.

The green crab from Nova Scotia is a species of crab originally from Northern Europe. The Maine version originated from Southern Europe and is much calmer and content to be left alone. Not the case for these bad boys from Nova Scotia.

According to Fox News, these little buggers will assume an aggressive stance if you get within five feet of them and if you go to grab one, look out. One graduate student from the University of New England said "Any time I went down to grab one they went to grab me instead."

That aggressiveness is taking its toll on other marine life along the shores of Maine and there is worry that they could severely hurt Maine's green crab population and other shellfish, but so far experts haven't found a way to curb the invasion.

The Portland Press Herald did a story on a similar invasion of these crabs back back in 2013. Today the crabs are even more aggressive than five years ago.


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