Tim Horton's hasn't found much success in Maine and abruptly closed another location leaving 15 employees without jobs to start 2017. 

If you live in the Waterville and were hoping to start your day with a Timbit and a cup of joe from Tim Horton's, that won't be happening again. According to the Morning Sentinel, Tim Horton's at 333 Main Street in Waterville abruptly closed on New Year's Eve, leaving only a note on the drive-thru window to notify patrons.

No clear explanation has been given for the closure, which has puzzled and frustrated some of the 15 employees left jobless due to the now defunct restaurant. One former employee told the Morning Sentinel that the owners of the Waterville location have not visited the restaurant in 4 months and that several of the kitchen operations were in desperate need of repair.

Tim Horton's opened several locations across Maine in an aggressive attempt to procure some of the loyal customer base away from Dunkin' Donuts. That plan has fallen horrifically short, leading to several Maine locations of Tim Horton's closing, some as abruptly as this recent Waterville one. Last November, the company closed six locations across the state in an effort to "re-organize."

There are still several Tim Horton's locations in operation in Maine, mostly in Northern and Eastern parts of the state.

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