It's been a long, cold day of battling slick ice on your driveway and willing your smartphone-compatible gloves to work. You start up the shower and climb inside, finally warming up for the first time all day.

Suddenly, you feel it. Something grazes your calf and you frantically swipe the soap off your face to reveal the sinister intrusion.

It's that GD curtain again, sneaking its way ever so stealthily into your sacred shower time and RUINING YOUR RELAXATION!

This happens in colder seasons or overly air conditioned homes because the air inside your shower heats up and rises, pulling cold air in at your feet. Or, in most cases, sucking your curtain against your body because there isn't a convenient way for the cold air to come in.

Science aside, you're left swatting that stupid curtain away from coppin' a feel for the remainder of your shower. It's a nightmare for anyone who has a hint of claustrophobia or, ya know, wants to shave their legs. Super obnoxious.

Anyone out there got solutions for this daily annoyance? I've tried pinning down the bottom of the curtain with shampoo bottles that inevitably tip over, or holding it with my foot (which is more a safety hazard than a fix) and I've had no success. Share with me your wsidom!

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