June 1st is when we are supposed to be looking at the state opening for the most part. outdoor bars and restaurants at half the capacity serving the people of Portland and the surrounding cities. This policy is obviously in place because of the 'Social Distancing' guidelines recommended by the CDC. Streets will be blocked off; parking will be hell on earth, and traffic will be as confusing as the parking lot at Fenway after the Sox and Yankees play.

Even as criticism flys and fingers get pointed, and people rave about them needing the economy open. Are we truly ready to go out yet? I know you are going to say well, Kwame, that's ridiculous of course, people are prepared to go out! Just take into account what I am factoring in fear and boldness with the balance of the two.

"We don't need no mask; this is just the flu!"

"Not going on until there is a vaccine, no sirree."

Are we going to get to a place where we can have respect and courtesy with one another? I think if there is anything this has taught us, it's that there are some severe divisions and wounds that need to heal for us to move forward, even more so than we originally thought at least.

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