I hope when people think of Maine, they think of Ty Mauzerolle from East Waterboro.


Ty is a trucker and came upon a horrific head on collision back in June. According to WGME-13, an 85-year-old driver was going the wrong way on an interstate in Arizona and hit another car head-on.That older driver was killed.

In the other car was a father and his 9-year-old son. The father was killed on impact, and the boy was in critical condition in a burning car. That's when Ty just happened to be at the right place at the right time. He pulled the boy, Corey, from the burning car, and stayed with him until paramedics came.

Ty Mauserolle Facebook
Ty Mauserolle Facebook

As you can imagine, the boy was in shock and upset - especially when the paramedics wanted to put an IV in his arm. Corey was having none of it. So Ty made a deal with him. If he let the people put the IV in, he would give Corey his Nintendo Switch.

That sealed the deal!

Paramedics arrived, and Ty went on his way. But Corey's mom, and of course Corey, have not stopped thinking about Ty and didn't know how to reach him. They were able to get a little information off the Switch - and reached out to the York County Sheriff's Department.

Because Maine is Maine...Shaina was able to connect with Ty. Ty is planning to meet Shaina and see Corey on his next trip out west. Ty also has a late Christmas present he wants to give Corey - the latest Mario cart game!

Thank you Ty for representing the absolute best in Maine. You make me proud to say I'm a Mainer.



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