Here's a great way to show your Patriots Pride and be one of the very first people to have. a New England Patriots Maine License Plate. We need 2,000 Mainers to pre-order the plates. Once we hit 2,000, then the plates officially become part of the Maine Specialty Plate Collection. Let's do this!

It was great to have the Patriots in Maine recently with the Lombardi Trophy. Thousands of folks came by Hadlock Field to get their picture taken with the trophy (# FOUR!) and to find out more about the Patriots Maine license plate. When you pre-order your plate, you'll not only be helping to bring this amazing initiative to life, but you'll also be helping out many Maine charities that the Patriots work with through the Patriots Charitable Foundation.

Mainers can purchase the special New England Patriots license plates for $35 in addition to the regular registration fees. $25 of that will go to the state and $10 will go to the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation.

We are getting closer to the goal-but REALLY want to get to our 2,000 pre-orders so we can get these amazing plates on the road. Help the Patriots make it happen. Order a Patriots License Plate Today and Support Communities Throughout Maine!


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