Maine is incredibly picturesque and there are many areas that would make for the perfect backdrop to a music video. Imagine the dimly lit cobblestone streets of Portland, or the vibrant feel of Old Orchard Beach in the summertime. Think of all the beautiful trails, state parks, and lighthouses. Now think of the October.

Your first thought is probably, "BURR!", and you'd be correct. Sean Oshima and Jamie Oshima, together known as Oshima Brothers, decided Lincolnville Beach was the perfect setting for the video for their song, "Lost at Sea" according to Bangor Daily News.

They shot the video in two days last fall with the temperature holding at a chilly 54 degrees.

Described as "indie-folk-pop" Oshima Brothers, still building their careers as musicians didn't have a huge budget for the shoot. They used instruments they didn't mind getting wet and shot the video with an iPhone placed in a mason jar to keep it dry. Their hard work appears to be paying off with the video getting over 5,000 views on YouTube and the duo being streamed over 32,000 times on Spotify.

Bundle up and check out the beautiful video below:

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