I have been to a lot of sporting events this year. One thing I've become a connoisseur of are snack shacks. They have become my favorite way to eat...


This weekend I was at Cape Elizabeth High School and had a hand formed hamburger. It was 10 am and the best breakfast ever.



I was also at the Narragansett School to watch part of the Gorham Grizzlies game. I was hungry and got a cheese burger and fries. There was vinegar in a spray bottle for the fries. Nice.

I've had burgers in Freeport, Thornton Academy and Falmouth. All very good. There are other offerings too. Corn dogs, pulled chicken, mac and cheese, pizza (duh) and chicken nuggets. They also have your basic snacks. Popcorn, chips, pretzels, candy and soda.


I told someone recently that if I could only eat out of shacks, I'd be a happy person. So, who has the best high school snack shack food anyway? I know I've only dipped a toe into this great culinary pool What sporting event should I go to, so I can eat something?

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