Remember when the cute little dive-bar called the Snug closed down on Congress Street in Portland a few months ago? Well, it's back, but it's not the same. In fact, it's completely different, which in my opinion is super needed in the city.

Replacing Portland's beloved corner dive bar is a new watering hole called Jerome's Sports Bar, and it's officially open!

Here's how the owners describe their new hang out spot on,

"Jerome's is a sports bar that features popular New England teams as well as board sports videos. We are a neighborhood bar in Portland's East End. We feature a full bar with local and non-alcoholic options. Our food menu features sandwiches and daily specials."


Here's how portlandoldport describes it,

“A local community New England sports bar that has a love for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing,” Jerome’s features a full bar with local and non-alcoholic options in addition to a food menu of sandwiches and daily specials."

I found their list of adult bevies on their Instagram:

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