Some customers were surprised on Sunday morning when stopping at the Big Apple at 355 Roosevelt Trail in Windham and finding it was closed. It's not permanent though, as a new store will be built in the current store's place.

I stopped into this Big Apple Saturday night just a few hours before they closed it down. I wondered why so many of the shelves were bare, and the next day I found the answer.

The town of Windham gave the go ahead in July for C.N. Brown, the owners of Big Apple Stores, to tear down the current Big Apple in South Windham and replace it with a bigger store. As of this writing, demolition has yet to begin and the gas pumps were still on, allowing customers to pay at the pump. The store itself was closed however. The hair salon in the building has already moved ahead of the demolition.

Plans call for construction over the winter with hopes to open the new store sometime in the spring. The new store will be 4,360 square feet and gas pumps with increase from three to four.

C.N. Brown has been busy opening new stores and renovating current ones lately, including the new Big Apple in South Paris that opened in what for years was Sounds Easy Video on Main Street. We of course know what happened to video stores in the early 2000s. The space was occupied by several unsuccessful businesses over the years before Big Apple moved in.


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