So, the Big Moose Inn controversy has now affected the York County jail, which is 200 miles away from the place where the wedding reception outbreak originated. Fifty-four people at the prison, including 35 inmates and 19 staff members, have now been infected with the coronavirus. According to channel 8, 50 test results should be back this weekend to see how far the virus has spread. The virus got to the jail from someone on staff who attended the now-infamous wedding reception at the Big Moose Inn.

Yesterday the Big Moose Inn lost their license due to the COVID outbreak for violating the rules in how many people can gather, as of this morning their license was renewed. A spokesperson for the state CDC has not yet explained why their license was renewed. In her press conference, Governor Janet Mills said that there are over 123 cases in the state thus far, all originating from the August 7th wedding reception. After dealing with these two news pieces, we have to ask ourselves how much does it cost for your special day?

What we're not sure of at this point is, did the bride and groom decide to push ahead with this wedding anyway, or were they reassured by the facility that everything was going to be handled differently than it was to prevent the spread of COVID-19? What are your thoughts?

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