York County is offering new recruits a $1500 sign-on bonus as corrections officers at the York County Jail in Alfred.

The Journal Tribune is reporting that a large number of corrections positions at the jail are vacant - as many as 20 out of more than 70.

According to the Journal Tribune, the unemployment rate in the count was only 2.5% at the end of the summer, and that statistic may be contributing to the lack of applicants for these open positions.

Starting pay for a new jail guard is $16.80 per hour, and a new labor contract agreement allows for a raise of $1/hr after one year of employment. The sheriff of York County, Bill King, said that the current staff levels aren't an emergency because current staff are stepping up to cover overtime shifts for essential services.

York County Jail is looking for both full and part time staff. Contact the Sheriff's Department directly if you're interested.

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