Have you ever heard of the website called Windows-Swap? Well, what it does is it allows you to fix the camera at a certain point or dial into the image that's on the digital camera, so you can look at it like it's a window.


This year, Portland Downtown has the same concept for Portland's Holiday tree in Monument Square; the idea is NOT to have a large gathering where they light the tree, and everyone drinks eggnog by Hood. We all get to watch the Holiday Tree any day at any given time to simulate the moment like we're there.

Now I know you are thinking, "this is not the same," and it "doesn't feel right," but it's all we have this year with COVID-19, and hopefully, in a couple of years, we'll be back to normal.

According to the Portland Downtown press release, there will be daily E Blast and social media reminders to let people know that they can check in on the tree at any given time. Imagine having Christmas on your smartphone or computer screen 24/7.

The Tree Cam will be mounted at Portland Public Library, and Hood Eggnog is once again a sponsor of the glorious ongoing event.


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