Turns out, the Maine bill that would have let you rescue dogs in cars did not pass.

According to the Press Herald, the bill would have let Mainers get into someone else's car to try and remove an animal they thought was in danger. The bill would have had a law on the books that if you did break into a person's car, you would be immune to criminal or civil liability.

It's off the table for the rest of the year according to the Humane Society of the United States, who backed the bill.

One good thing to come of this, is that animal control officers will now be trained to respond when it appears an animal is in danger because it can’t get out, the newspaper stated. We hear it all the time about a dog locked in a hot car for a long time.

Maine's Animal Welfare Program says that educating the public is always their goal. What's the best way to protect your animal on a hot day? Leave them at home.

The bill made some nervous that people would take the law into their own hands. Hopefully people don't put animals in a situation that is dangerous.


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