Congress UFO Hearing

Yesterday, there was a Congressional hearing focused on UFOs, which apparently if we're going to be politically correct now, are officially referred to as UAPs -- unidentified aerial phenomena.)

Regardless, according to NBC News (and this 100% has to do with Binga's -- promise), a couple of the major headlines coming out of the hearing are that: 1) The government 100% is in possession of UAPs, and 2) Nonhuman remains were discovered at a crash site.

Stephen Leonardi
Stephen Leonardi

And it's not like this was some random person off the street wearing a tinfoil hat making these claims. These were just a couple of statements made by a former U.S. intelligence official named David Grusch, according to NBC News. While under oath.

And while lying under oath isn't anything new, let's be real. This dude worked for the government, which means this whole hearing confirmed something most of us have believed for a while now -- aliens are real and odds are they're among us.

Unless you're the shot caller in Windham, Maine, for the Binga's sign -- then you'll believe they're actually not among us at all.

bingaswindham via Instagram / Stephen Leonardi
bingaswindham via Instagram / Stephen Leonardi

The Binga's sign in Windham, Maine

We've wrote about the infamous Binga's sign plenty of times. It's iconic, it's hilarious, and it's something we all look for when we're driving along Main Street in Windham.

Whether it's been taking sides in the Scandoval on Vanderpump Rules, comparing Governor Janet Mills to Carole Baskin (for clarification: just saying they look alike, not that they both feed humans to tigers), or even giving a smack talker their 15 minutes of fame -- Binga's is all about entertainment with its sign.

But their latest sign, while still entertaining, may be the biggest truth bomb that brings the most harsh reality and rude awakening to all of us.

Between the Tide Pod Challenge, the Nyquil Chicken Challenge, the Blue Whale Challenge, and really just our overall existence on social media -- is Binga's wrong about aliens in this case?

Probably definitely not.

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