Get ready Windham. Soon you'll be able to try a delicious signature Binga's Wingas buffalo chicken wing with Chernobyl sauce that will light your mouth on fire when a brand new Binga's Wingas opens. 

In March of 2016, Ruggiero's at 106 Main street in Windham closed their doors. The pizza place and convenience store sat at the corner of River Road and Route 202 for years as names have come and gone.

Specials have appeared on their marquee, but recently a new message has shown up on the former Ruggiero's sign.

Corrie Lamkin
Corrie Lamkin

Judging by the giant dumpster outside, construction has begun and soon Binga's Wingas will have its third location to join Yarmouth and Portland's Binga's Stadium.

Expect Binga's famous Wings, homemade BBQ, and ice cold beer on draft. No word yet on a scheduled opening, but keep your eye out on the corner over the next few months as construction continues.

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