No, it's not a little smashed-face cutie trucking around a sled full of brews. It's a new brewery in Brunswick started by Sam Wilson and Jason Allen!

They named Black Pug Brewing in honor of Sam's dog, Gir. In an interview with the Forecaster, Wilson said pugs as a breed encapsulate what the business will be about.

“They call pugs a big dog in a small body, and we’re hoping to be a big brewery in small tanks,” he said to <a href="">The Forecaster</a>. “We want to have that same impression, that same personality, and a little bit of craziness, too.”

Sam's brewing skills have been heavily honed since his first foray into beer-making, when he exploded a bottle of poorly combined ingredients in a closet in college. Now, nearing his own brewery's grand opening, Sam says he's grown to prefer using “culinary” flavors in his beer, including fruits and spices, according to The Forecaster.

“You’ve got to find what it is that you do really well, so our role, I think, is going to be trying to do a lot of those culinary, fruity things,” he said. “I think nowadays, with so many breweries, you have to bring something to the table. The days of just saying ‘here’s my pale ale, here’s my porter’ and saying that that’s it (are over).”

Black Pug will offer cold brew coffee for non beer drinkers or those easing from the early afternoon into happy hour, and while a food menu will not be readily available, the owners hope to have small plates like bar snacks or charcuterie "on tap" soon. The goal is to open this October, and you can stay up to date on Black Pug's progress on their facebook page.

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