Shoutout to Airbnb Experiences for bringing our attention to various unique and interesting things to do wherever your next destination awaits.

In Boston, Massachusetts, Mobsters & Lobsters trolley tours allow you to learn about the history of Boston's mobster underworld, and later enjoy a lobster lunch or dinner with your fellow passengers. At Boston's Underground Donut Tours, you can not only try some scrumptious donuts, but get a sprinkling of local history in the process.

A third entertaining experience for you and your loved ones, especially those who are fans of true crime and unexplained mysteries, is Bloodlust: Mysteries of Victorian Boston.

The 'Bloodlust' experience is described on Airbnb by its host, Michael, as follows:

"In the late 1800s, Boston experienced a rash of gruesome murders and unexplained phenomena...Most interesting was the way one community reacted to this – The South End, the country’s oldest and largest Victorian neighborhood.


Not only was there a reawakening of the notorious Witchcraft Trials that happened 200 years earlier, but people were also accused of being vampires and conversing with the dead – all while serial murders...lurked just out of sight."


We don't know about you, but we were surprised to hear that there was a sort of "revisiting" of the notorious Salem Witch Trials of 1692. And say what? Vampires?

Michael continues with this invitation:

"Explore this quaint post-Civil War suburb, its architectural gems and strange statuary that tourist rarely get to see. Then delve into the concerns of the people who lived here, their art, science, politics and stories of true crime, with demonstrations on Victorian phantasmagoria and the new fields of forensics and toxicology."

During the mile-long walk, visitors will hear stories of nefarious individuals and the horrible crimes they've committed, while also taking in the backdrop of "architecturally significant homes and churches" in Boston's beautiful South End.

Doesn't that sound fun?

The experience has an average of 4.95/5 stars, and over 600 reviews at the time of this writing. It currently costs $34/person, and runs most days of the week.

To learn more about Bloodlust: Mysteries of Victorian Boston and reserve your tickets, click here.

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