Bo, Yo

Bo Burnham is arguably one of the top comedians that defined the millennial generation. Even from a young age, he had a comedic and musical genius that couldn’t be ignored. Born in Hamilton, Massachusetts Bo’s comedy career began in the mid-’00s when he uploaded his first comedic songs to YouTube. I have vivid memories of watching and singing along to “i’m bo yo” in college. After 13 years of living on YouTube, that video alone has amassed 34 million views.


Beyond YouTube

Bo’s career exploded off YouTube. Tours, Comedy Central specials, Netflix specials, and even directing his own film.


Bo eventually went relatively dark. He wasn’t active on social media or touring. In 2021 Bo released Inside on Netflix. He revealed that he had been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks being on stage and wanted to focus on himself and getting better. Just as he was about ready to pick up the mic again, the pandemic hit.

It was a real punch to the gut, as it was for most of us to then be stuck inside as we figure out what to do with the pandemic. Despite the struggle, Bo took a deep dive into his project, Inside. He wrote, directed, produced, and shot the entire thing himself. The special is a brilliant and hilarious view into the last few years and our current culture while seeing Bo spiral his way through quarantining. The songs are beyond catchy and I often find myself singing either "Bezos I" or "Bezos II" when browsing Amazon or singing "Sh*t" when I’m not feeling at my best.


"Problematic" touches on the fine line between what’s ok and what’s not in today’s woke culture while also atoning to an extent over his past “problematic” transgressions. "Welcome to the Internet" speaks to how the Internet entices us all and there’s something for everyone. There’s so much content it’s tough to escape, even with all the garbage to be found. “Can I interest you in everything all of the time?”

The Inside Outtakes

Inside was a massive success and now, one year after the release Bo announced he was releasing an hour of outtakes.

The Inside Outtakes is available on YouTube. It features "Bezos III", alternate versions of songs that made the cut to Inside, and a ton of new songs and footage. At the time of publishing, and after being out for less than 24 hours the video has over 1.3 million views.

Check it out here!

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