Lucky you. You booked a tropical vacation right when Maine got pounded with snow, so while we were all shoveling ourselves out, you posted a picture of you enjoying the beach. Comedian Bob Marley doesn't like you.

Sunday's storm left Maine covered in anywhere from 8 inches to a foot of snow and mother nature threw in a bit of sleet and freezing rain on top of that just to pour some salt in the wound. How fun was it to get that super thin layer of ice off your windshield Monday morning in near zero temperatures and wind chills at freeze your face off levels.

You likely saw your fair share of people on social media rubbing it in our noses while they relaxed on the beach some place that has never seen a snowflake. So Bob decided to give those people a piece of his mind when he posted this video on his Facebook page on Monday as people were digging out.

Wait a he on a beach?!?

What an a---hole.

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