They are concerned about their regular patrons, who tend to be a bit older.


According to the Kennebec Journal, Bolley's owner Kim Pooler said that they decided to stay closed to protect their older customers and to be more financially secure. How does staying closed help a business financially?

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A lot of businesses scrambled to open back up in mid may when restrictions were loosened up in most counties. But in rushing to open, a lot of places noticed that not all customers were rushing to go back. Bolley's chose to stay closed. They were worried that with so many customers coming from the State House, and an older customer base - they may not be able to cover the cost of employees and all the food they'd have to buy. They were afraid that if they opened they could actually lose money.

They were also really worried about their older customers because they are the most susceptible to the coronavirus. Plus, it's a small place and taking out the tables to get that six feet separation would leave only a few tables. Most customers are very understanding.



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