Some of you may be here not having a clue what MFK is and for that consider yourself lucky. Or simply consider yourself to be someone of a higher caliber that doesn't stoop to vulgar games.

To put it simply, this game is where you present someone with three options, typically people, with the option to marry one, have adult relations with another, and then you have to 86 the last one.

If you're familiar with the game, you're my people. Immature and ridiculous. And you likely pull out this game to make your friends feel uncomfortable within your friend group. But you can also pull three things from specific groups. For example, you could play MFK with food. The marry part is likely your favorite, the adult relations choice is likely the one you really enjoy but may not be the best for you and then the one you 86 is your least favorite of the three. Though that doesn't mean you hate it! It's simply the only option left which is an element that can make the game difficult.

Got it?

TikToker Brian Daly of @visitboston took to the Boston streets and bars to play this game with unexpecting Bostonians. The MFK options ranged from New England Patriots legends to New England amusement parks, Boston movies, and more.

The series is up to three episodes. Check them out! And yes, they are NOT suitable for work!

We miss Bugaboo Creek dearly and the dude totally did Canobie Lake Park dirty!

Bellichick can get it, apparently.


Finally some redemption for Canobie Lake Park!

These totally got me thinking about MFK Maine edition. Stephen King, Patrick Dempsey, or Anna Kendrick? Portland, Lewiston, or Bangor? There are so many ways to play this ridiculous game!

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