You can pick your nose, but you can't pick who your neighbor will be.


Things were pretty friendly between Gabriel Brawn and his neighbor, until he passed away. Then all hell broke loose. The Bangor Daily News reports that Gabriel Brawn got the land surveyed and used that to guide him in cutting, I mean, sawing the garage in half.

They had been fighting with the occupants at 148 Grove Street in Dover-Foxcroft ever since the man who built the house passed away. Brawn moved back to his place at 140 Grove Street almost 10 years ago. It's where he grew up. Back then, they had 0.23 acres that did include part of 148 Grove Street where a house was added decades ago.

The property saw many people rent the house, and that's when the trouble started. Gabriel's wife Tracy told BDN

When the dad [Steve Ritter] was alive this was a perfect place to live. As soon as that poor man passed away this place turned to craziness and chaos.

The Brawns even tried to buy 148 Grove Street to resolve it. But that didn't work. It blew up in April when some wood chips were on the neighbor's 'side'. That's when a land surveyor was brought in and that's when they found that the line went right through the garage and the cutting began!

The day the land was surveyed, the tenants moved out and it appears to have been empty every since. That was Memorial Day weekend. Gabriel is right...fences do make good neighbors.



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