If you're in the LA area, it is strongly advised that you stay at home: Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres are on the loose, and they're thirsty for all your money, power and Glory — which is available now on iTunes.

In a new segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (September 7), the famous friends — who once went on a similar streak of terror while caroling in the streets — teamed up yet again, this time at Westfield Fashion Square mall, to selfishly flaunt their lavish celebrity lifestyle. Because if there's anything Britney Spears craves, it's more fame, and you can really tell by her visible comfort with yelling at complete strangers and causing a scene.

Running stop signs, punching bag buffoonery, shoplifting, telling babies to get on diets — really, will these two stop at nothing in their ego-driven power trip? Or, well, mostly Ellen. Brit Brit really just wanted some ice cream and a nap. (The People's Princess, truly.)

Watch the choker-loving "Make Me" pop icon and The Voice of Dory descend into utter midriff-bearing madness at the local mall above.

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