Marissa Cutter is a very kind kindergarten teacher from Standish who was recognized by The Ellen Show.


News Center Maine did a story on Marissa and how she went door to door to surprise her students in quarantine. Marissa, who is a teacher at Edna Libby Elementary in Standish, was one of a 100 teachers who won a $250 Visa gift card on the show Tuesday.


Ya gotta love Ellen. She is recognizing teachers all across the country who have gone out of their way to stay in touch and support her students. Marissa was one of those teachers. She drove around to every student's house with a sign saying, "I miss you! Love, Mrs. Cutter" back in March.

Mitch Woodbury's 5-year-old son Bryce was one of those students. Dad caught a picture of him standing in his driveway waving to his teacher as she waved back!


I think we've all learned a lot during this pandemic. One of the glaring things we've all learned is just how hard teachers work. I think we've always known that - but distant learning has made that point come home in a big way. They aren't just teachers, they are parents to all of their students. Thank you teachers! Can't wait to send the kiddos back to you!



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