Trust me, it is hard being away from home. Not only are you away from family, but you are also no longer close to some of your favorite places to grab some food. Growing up in Massachusetts, I was OBSESSED with Gingerbread Construction Co, so whenever I was away (studying abroad or moved out of state), I always had my family send me some of my favorite treats.

Honestly, getting little tastes of home is always a great way to bring back some fantastic memories. I do not know why, but taste and smells are a great way to remember where you once lived.

It is crazy to believe that food you loved growing up is hard to find when you leave the state, especially when it comes to food that you have in New England and more specifically Maine. I set out on a mission to figure out the best things to put together for those that have moved away from Maine. Not to my surprise, the majority of the responses were food-related items.

Forget about getting a good pair of L.L Bean boots in a winter package, snacks will most likely be coming your way if you choose to move out of state.

One mother actually said that she sends her daughter fluff every so often. I mean imagine being in a state that chooses to not sell fluff, it really seems like a sin. I do not know what I would do without an occasional fluffernutter sandwich.

If you are looking to create a little care package of some of Maine's tasty treats, keep scrolling.

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