So, there's no official list on this (I checked). However, I did ask Mainers what they usually give their out-of-state family members for Christmas, and we landed here.

Maine is one of those unique states that was basically born to open little gift shops and be the face of every postcard.

The holidays are easy for most of us gift-givers here, considering anybody "from away" would go crazy over a tiny glass lobster ornament or painted seashell with a lighthouse on it.

After taking an on-air poll, these were the top three gifts Mainers usually give their out-of-state family members for Christmas:

1. Handmade Soap
THIS is the gift that threw me for a loop. I mean, most people give soap or lotion in a yankee swap situation, but as a Mainer, there are so many other handmade items that can represent our pretty state. Disclaimer: there's nothing wrong with giving someone handmade soap as a gift. Hell, I'd love the below soaps in my stocking. Don't go yelling at me in the comment section.

2. Seabags
A seabag is a company that makes bags out of old sailboat sails. The handles are usually made out of rope that comes directly off of an old sailboat. Out-of-towners LOVE this stuff.

Shoutout to this particular limited edition Seabag for supporting the Lewiston community by donating a portion of their sales to the families that were impacted. Love you for that.

3. Lobster themed items
This is one of those "goes without saying" gifts we like to give when we're from Maine. I've never once had a family member not smile at a lobster-patterned towel I bought them for Christmas. Hilarious. I mean, most people just assume if you're from Maine, your gift will most likely have some kind of sea creature on it. HA.

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