Brooke has been at the Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg for 1,321 days!

That's almost four years. She is a favorite of the staff, but they want her to find a forever home. But Brooke needs extra time to get used to her forever home.

Brooke - Harvest Hills Animal Shelter/Facebook

Brooke is a cuddler and lover to those she knows, but is very weary around those she does not know. Brooke was surrendered after having puppies at a young age and the people could no longer care for her.

She has been at the shelter so long, because she needs a VERY slow introduction. She likes to play with other dogs, but is a dominant female and may not do well with every dog. Her forever home will have no children or cats and limited visitors. She does not trust people and that means the introduction process may take a few weeks and possibly longer with men. But she will make a great dog in the right home.

The staff at Harvest Hills says she is very smart and well-behaved and loves to give kisses and get belly rubs!

Jill Piper

If you think you could be the forever home Brooke has been looking for, please contact the Harvest Hills Shelter. Thanks for helping her...

Also, if you can, the Harvest Hills Shelter is holding a fundraiser. It's been a hard time to raise money and it's no different for this shelter. If you can help - they'd appreciate it!

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