This is one of those situations where it's technically nobody's fault, but it's just unfortunate. It's one of those things where you can be angry at the situation not the person, and we totally understand that (disclaimer before I get started here).

Alright, here we go. So over the weekend, my good friend wanted to propose to his long-time girlfriend on the eastern prom in Portland, Maine. He had put tons of time and thoughtfulness  into the plan, that our other friends were involved in to execute it perfectly. Everything was ACTUALLY going perfectly until about five minutes before the moment was going to happen.

We had the camera crew ready to roll, and we were all hiding in our spots communicating the play-by-play to each other as it was going down. My friend was standing on the dock, quite literally about to get down on one knee, when a man comes running and screaming his dog's name.

We all halt as we watch this big lab who must have broken free from his owner run around the parking lot. At this point, you could tell that the dog's owner was frazzled and just trying to figure out the best way to get his dog under control. Nobody blames him. Honestly, I've been there so many times with my own dog accidentally getting out, and he's thinking it's a game to be chased around the road.

Terrible timing.

At this point, this poor man cannot get his dog under control, and it has turned just absolutely chaotic. We all give each other the same "this isn't gonna happen today" look from our hideout "perches", and our friend doing the proposal had made the same call. We all let him leave with her first before we came out of our hiding spots so that it wasn't obvious.

I've never been a part of a proposal that didn't happen, and I hate to say it, but it was hilarious. Don't worry, in case you're curious, he does plan on trying again another day with maybe a different location that isn't so close to a dog beach park, LOL. Amazing.

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