We love to see it, Portland, Maine. If we gotta work, at least working from home is apparently extra enjoyable in Portland, according to remote.com. Ever since Covid, I feel like the world has mastered the art of what we now call a "home office", which has then (in my opinion) got us all thinking "What if?". What if we made our home office in a tropical location? What if we made our home office quaint in the woods of Canada?

Or in this case, what if we just stayed put right here in Maine? Because Portland was slotted as the literal top location in the world to work from home in, according to remote.com's list of the best destinations for remote work.

I say this all the time, and I'll say it again. Portland, Maine, has been on the map so much recently for countless different categories. We've got such a colorful variety of food choices, businesses with water views, parks, hiking paths, you name it. It seems like the world is finally starting to notice us, which I guess is good for other people, but bad for us.

Though I will say, more often than not, I tend to bring my laptop and work from different cozy shops around the city. Some of my favorite places to go to are right in Portland, like Uncharted Boba Cafe on Congress Street, or setting up a blanket on the Eastern Prom and letting the ocean be my background noise.

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