Ever since the network AMC officially ended their huge hit show Breaking Bad on September 29, 2013, all anyone wanted was some reason to see both Bryan Cranston (who played Walter White/Heisenberg) and Aaron Paul (who played Jesse Pinkman) have a reason to reunite on screen in their characters again.

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And while the itch got mildly scratched with guest appearances in both the spinoff movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, and the spinoff series Better Call Saul, fans are still hoping that someday, their reunion will be more than just a couple quick scenes together.

For now, though, fans (and tequila drinkers alike) will have to just enjoy seeing them together on press tours for their current partnership endeavor, which brought them to Boston in what surprised many fans who unexpectedly ran into the duo on Sunday night.

Ali Manning
Ali Manning

Dos Hombres Mezcal

If you're a tequila fan, but especially if you're a Breaking Bad fan, then you undoubtedly already know that both Bryan and Aaron decided to keep their Breaking Bad chemistry and bond alive by getting into the tequila business and partnering on their blend, Dos Hombres Mezcal.

According to massive Breaking Bad fan, Ali Manning, she was in Boston for a work event and unexpectedly ran into the duo on Sunday night. And while at the moment she was unsure what brought them to the city, she put two and two together when they started tossing merch out to the crowd Ali was with.

I figured they [were promoting their tequila] because they threw out mezcal coasters.


Ali Manning
Ali Manning

According to Ali, both Aaron and Bryan could not have been nicer.

They literally stopped and stayed for 5 mins. Very gracious and kept saying thanks for the love! Fun guys, even bigger fan now.

The best part? All of this may have actually even been Aaron's suggestion to make sure New England was a spot to visit on their promotional tour. After all, it was only a few years back when Aaron and his wife, Lauren, visited (and seemingly ate their way through) Portland, Maine.

Maybe it's possible he fell in love with the area during that trip?

Either way, sometimes, it's said you're better off not meeting your heroes, but in Ali's and other fans' case, it was absolutely worth it.

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