Buzzy Cohen

Buzzy Cohen became a household name after he dominated and won the 2017 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. During that tournament, he won $250k. Prior to that, in the Spring of 2016, he won $164,603. This year Cohen hosted the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions not only in the spring but currently!

Maine Musings

Cohen is apparently visiting the Pine Tree State and shared a bit of his experience thus far on Twitter:

First, he came through Boston and is already a Dunkin' convert.

Then he came through with this gem. We already knew he was a smart guy but he definitely caught on fast.

He's certainly off to a great start between the lobster and candlepin bowling. His tweet also caused many responses asking what the heck candlepin bowling even was.

While chances are slim of seeing a moose, Governor Buzzy does have a special ring to it.

Other Maine Adventures

Many responses included other things he should do while here; trying red snappers, coffee brandy, Moxie, a whoopie pie, and more!

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