The Boston Museum of Science has a new exhibit coming February 9th for dog lovers.

It's called, 'Dogs! A Science Tail'.  Find out the science behind our insane love of dogs.

Since it's the Museum of Science, there is a lot of interactive exhibitions...for humans. You can actually experience the way a dog sees, hears, and smells the world through fun hands-on activities.

Find out how dogs have evolved over thousands of years from ancient wolves into our best friend. We rely on them so much, find out how they talk to each other — and with us!

You can even train a virtual dog or unearth replica fossils of wolves and dogs to show how alike they are. So much fun!

It all starts Sundayy, February 9th! If you're a member, you can get a sneak peak on Saturday February 8th. If you love dogs, science and looking for something fun to do with the kids over school vacation - learn all about Fido!


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