The power of the internet and social media over the years has transformed (for better or worse) the access people have to their favorite celebrities.

Where you really only knew a famous person based on say their acting in a movie, you can now see them out and about in "real life" through their posts on Instagram or even message them directly on X. Sometimes, they might even reply.

And thanks to a platform called Cameo, you can get a personalized video from some of your favorite stars sent to you or someone you know, including some celebs who were born in Maine.

What Is Cameo?

According to its website, Cameo is "where you connect with your favorite stars" and get a memorable personalized message from them.

Cameo, which launched in 2017, really took off during the pandemic, when everyone was at home, looking for some positive messages, and these celebs and stars were looking for a revenue stream while things shut down, The Guardian reported.

That's right, Cameo messages aren't free. You've got to pay for them, and E! News lists the likes of Caitlyn Jenner ($2,500 for a video), Kevin Smith ($999 for a video), and Ice-T ($600 for a video) among some of the most expensive.

Which Maine Celebrities Are on Cameo?

If you were hoping to find some of Maine's most popular celebrities like Stephen King, Anna Kendrick or Patrick Dempsey, you're sadly out of luck.

They aren't on the platform as of 2024, but you never know, maybe in the future?

However, five Maine-born celebrities are on Cameo if you want to get a fun shout-out from them.

Timothy Simons on Cameo

The most expensive of the five is actor Timothy Simons, who you might recognize from "Veep" and "Don't Worry Darling." Simons was born in Readfield, Maine. You can get a video from him for $500.

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Erin Andrews on Cameo

For just $250, Erin Andrews can send you a fun video message. The sportscaster who was on ESPN, Fox News and even competed on "Dancing With the Stars" was born in Lewiston, Maine.

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John O'Hurley on Cameo

"Seinfeld" fans can grab a message from J. Peterman himself, actor John O'Hurley for just $199. O'Hurley was born in Kittery, Maine.

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Roger Mathews on Cameo

You might be surprised to know that Roger Mathews of "Jersey Shore" fame is actually a Maine native. The reality TV star was born in Cherryfield, Maine. So maybe gym, tan, lobster instead? You can get a video from him for $50.

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Greg Finley on Cameo

The cheapest of these five at $40 a video comes from actor Greg Finley. He's been in "Secret Life of the American Teenager" and "The Flash." Finley was born in Portland, Maine.

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Have you ever tried Cameo? Is there a celebrity you'd love to get a message from? Let us know!

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