I bet you haven't had this much fun at breakfast in a very long time...


Melissa Gray Blunt's little guy is almost 1. His big day is June 12th. Even though she's a second grade teacher in Saco, she still wanted kids. I'm kidding. Little Cameron was having so much fun one morning, and it's about to make your day better.


When's the last time you were at DiMillo's having lobster and noticed how much fun your lobster bib was?

Then...as you are sitting there you see something on the table you forgot to eat and shove it in your mouth - hand too!

I know it would probably be frowned upon, but I bet you'd make a couple of people giggle if you did this as an adult.

I hope Cameron enjoys every meal for the rest of his life with as much enthusiasm he had this morning over some Cheerios.





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