I am very confused about this sign at the Mister Bagel location on Forest Avenue in Portland and I'm really hoping someone can help me understand what's going on. Maybe I'm just out of touch with the world. I really don't know, but I want to know.

Mister Bagel has had this sign up for at least a month now. I drive by it every morning in the dark and every time I read it, I try to figure out what's going on here.

Jeff Parsons
Jeff Parsons

Yeah you read that right. "Local, fresh, hot poo here. No hate anywhere." The no hate I perfectly understand and am 100% on board with. But the hot poo? I'm lost.

When I first noticed the sign I just thought some punk had grabbed a ladder in the middle of the night and swapped letters around to say "hot poo," but it never changed. If it was vandalized, the owners would have rearranged the letters to the original message, right? The message is only on this side of the sign, not both.

So today I did a search for "hot poo" on Google thinking that maybe this was a name for some kind of soup. That was a mistake. I got results that I can't unsee.

Needless to say, I feel awkward asking this question, because I feel like I should understand the meaning behind it, especially when compared with the "no hate" message, but I truly just want to know so that I can be on whatever message they are trying to send. It seems noble, yet it's confusing to me.

Do you know the meaning behind the sign? Are letters just missing? I'm sure I'm not the only one confused by it. If you know the meaning behind "Local, fresh, hot poo here. No hate anywhere." please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE: Mister Bagel Forest Ave left this comment on our Facebook page telling us why the sign says "Hot poo."

"Don’t need to read into anything!!! When doing the sign it was supposed to say FOOD but didn’t have an “F” at the time! Was wondering if people actually read the sign…so Poo was put up."

Yes. I read the sign and now I feel much better knowing they aren't really serving hot poo.

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