There's one place I always try to put on my summer 'to do' list. In fact, I don't really even think it's summer until I go here...can you guess where I was?


For those of you who said 'Fat Boys' - well done! For those of you who didn't...ahhhhhh.

I love this place. But apparently I had an outdated menu and the super nice waitress (car hop?) said I needed a new one, because prices had changed.

A few things changed in the last 7 years and yes, the prices did go up. But they were ridiculously low anyway. Even with the price's still a deal. Some things however never

It's still cash only. Sorry millennials who never have cash. More amazing onion rings for me!


And yes, they still come to your car to take your order. Just be sure...

to put your lights on.

Thanks Fat Boys for being a summer tradition.