A woman severely injured in a ski accident at Sunday River 20 years ago is looking to find the two people who helped save her life, the Sun Journal reports.

It was February 27, 1999, when a fresh-faced 15-year-old woman named Samantha Collins (now Samantha Bono) from Massachusetts was enjoying the day skiing at Sunday River.

According to the article, Samantha was testing one of the trails to see if her friends would be able to ski it when she lost an edge and skidded off the trail, striking a tree and knocking herself unconscious with a serious head injury.

The Sun Journal says Samantha was rescued by two skiers, a doctor and a nurse. But that is all she knows about the two strangers who saved her life 20 years ago.

She spent the next two and a half weeks in the hospital at Central Maine Medical Center with a collapsed lung and moderate to severe brain damage, the newspaper states. She was in a coma for a day, underwent brain surgery, spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital or at a rehabilitation center. She says she doesn't remember her time at the hospital.

Samantha told the Sun Journal that she never learned the names of the doctor and nurse who helped to save her life that day 20 years ago so she has never been able to thank them. Samantha now works as a legal analyst in Northern Virginia and she still enjoys skiing but hasn't been back to Sunday River since the accident, the article reports.

If this story sounds familiar at all or maybe you know someone who has a story about saving a 15-year-old girl from a skiing accident 20 years ago, Samantha would like to hear from you: (781) 710-5341



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